Synergise your in-branch intelligence with your digital intelligence.

Branch360® Monitor is an Intelligence Gathering platform that can be deployed at all branches of a retail network to identify vital metrics about customers and non-customers that visit your branches. It uses cutting edge technology to identify customers at service points, capture the data to create a complete visitor/customer journey at every branch.

Visitors Management

Gain vital data on customer count, arrival/exit times, waiting times and total visit period. Instantly detect customers vs non-customers on entry to the premise.

Service Monitoring

Know the number of service points (or counters) at any branch at any point in time and services carried out by visitors to the branch, as well as service times.

Staff Performance Management

Get any identifiable patterns regarding staff’s productivity on working time, serving time, SLA and idle time. Optimise use of service points efficiently.

Queue Management

Branch360 is able to determine the optimum customer flow for any branch, which is often part of a larger assessment of customer behaviour and satisfaction.

Marketing Opportunities

Improve overall service delivery and enhance the measurement and evaluation of products, thus allowing marketing potentials and increasing sales.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI integration to boost engagement capabilities, while revolutionizing the customers’ experience, completely reshaping the approach to customer acquisition.

Why choose us?


Using integrated mobile technology and cloud computing to produce a complete customer experience platform.


To stay ahead, we continually develop new ways to improve consumers' experience whether by capturing consumer attention, bringing in new customers or improving loyalty.


Enterprise-class security features with comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure customer and business data is always protected.